Dubbing Studios

Doli Media Studio has a long history in dubbing and voice over recording. As the first private and largest sound recording studio in Bulgaria, it has proven expertise and has been trusted with the launch of every major domestic and foreign TV channel and video distributor for the country.

The professional sound engineers at the studio make sure that the sound is perfect from microphone placement and positioning to frequency corrections, dynamic processing and sound effects to the perfect balance of the final mix using the original mix and the international M&E.

As an integral part of every recording, the dubbing directors at Doli Media Studio are highly experienced and skilled professionals. Every dubbing project is supervised by a dedicated dubbing director, who works directly with the artists to ensure a portrayal of the characters true to the original. In order to achieve this, the director works with professionals, children, star talent and celebrities, who are selected in specifically organized castings for particular roles. Because each artist records their role separately, every dubbing director at the studio takes care that the artist uses the appropriate intonation consistently and always stays in character. In essence, the dubbing director builds the whole sound of the adapted version.

Voice over recording is also done at an exceptional level. It is frame-synchronized with artistic elements in the development of the characters. The dubbing director chooses an array of universal voices that can cover all the roles in the project. Such recording is usually done by up to 6 people, who can voice children and elderly people alike. In this case, our dubbing directors watch out for pronunciation mistakes and ensure the harmony and cohesion of the adapted version.

In projects with songs in them, the dubbing director is the person working with the artists on the recording of the vocal parts or selecting professional singers who step in for them. At Doli Media Studio all dubbing directors have a musical education and regardless of whether working with professional or non-professional singers, make sure that the music piece is properly performed. They take care of the vocals, backing vocals, choirs and the creation of choir compositions in simple ditty and complex musical pieces alike.

The studio has access to a deep pool of artists allowing the selection of the talent and voices which will best suit each particular project through rigorous castings. For narration, the studio can rely on public speakers and news anchors from radio and television.

Doli Media Studio has 6 dubbing studios. They are built underground, “box-in-box,” with floating floors, walls and ceilings, and can be used for dubbing as well as for voice over recording. Each can easily accommodate 6 artists simultaneously. Studio 5 can also be used as supporting to the music studio as well as for 5.1 mixing. It has 5.1 monitoring, a Euphonix Artist and a Yamaha 02. Each studio is equipped with a custom built monitoring system with BMS speakers built into the walls.


Доли Медия Студио ЕООД изпълнява проект BG16RFOP002-2.001-1302-C01 „Повишаване конкурентоспособността на Доли Медия Студио ЕООД чрез закупуване на високо-технологично оборудване по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност“, процедура: BG16RFOP002-2.001 „Подобряване на производствения капацитет в МСП“, на стойност 947 580.00 лв., от които 45% -  426 411.00 лв. безвъзмездна помощ. Срокът на изпълнение на проекта е 18 месеца, от 20.06.2016 до 20.12.2017г.

Общата цел на проекта е повишаване конкурентноспособността на Доли Медия Студио ЕООД на българския, европейския и световен пазар, чрез увеличаване производствения капацитет и засилване на експортния потенциал.

В резултат на изпълнението на проекта, Доли Медия Студио ЕООД ще бъде в състояние да отговори на непрестанно повишаващите се технологични изисквания на своите клиенти, ще стабилизира позициите си и ще увеличи значително конкурентните си предимства. С реализацията на настоящия проект ще се затвърди и подобри качество на предлаганите от дружеството продукти и услуги.