A boom in the interest in western video products ensued following the democratic reforms of 1989 in Bulgaria. The now freed private sector allowed for the establishment of many video distributors who quickly accommodated that demand. Doli Media Studio, founded in 1992, was the first privately owned studio to offer translation, subtitling and dubbing services in this new market. Subsequently, the rising number of new private TV channels significantly increased the volume of foreign productions in need of localization. Doli Media Studio has taken part in the emergence of all the big domestic and foreign TV channels and video distributors in Bulgaria. In 2000 the increased demand for production and post-production services led Doli Media Studio, already with a significant and stable market share, to expand its strategic vision in that direction.

In the next few years the strategy of broadening the spectrum of services proved to be successful. Post-production services were provided for more than 50 featured and documentary titles. With regards to production, Doli Media Studio leased professional equipment to local televisions and production companies, realizing almost all the filming for WS Teleshop, many sport events, Big Brother Bulgaria, TV series and other large projects. As a producer, the studio made its first strides in 2004 with three internationally awarded titles.

The proven expertise and professional history of the company were the reason Eurosport TV entrusted the localization and technical support of its channels for Bulgaria to Doli Media Studio. As a consequence of its growth, in 2007 a priority for the company became the construction of privately owned facilities. Completed in 2010, they were designed specifically in accordance with the highest requirements of a multifunctional multimedia complex. A significant part of it – offices and sound stages – were leased to one of the largest Bulgarian televisions – TV7. During all these years Doli Media Studio has not lost track of its core and starting business – translation, subtitling and dubbing, and has even expanded its reach to Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.


Доли Медия Студио ЕООД изпълнява проект BG16RFOP002-2.001-1302-C01 „Повишаване конкурентоспособността на Доли Медия Студио ЕООД чрез закупуване на високо-технологично оборудване по Оперативна програма „Иновации и конкурентоспособност“, процедура: BG16RFOP002-2.001 „Подобряване на производствения капацитет в МСП“, на стойност 947 580.00 лв., от които 45% -  426 411.00 лв. безвъзмездна помощ. Срокът на изпълнение на проекта е 18 месеца, от 20.06.2016 до 20.12.2017г.

Общата цел на проекта е повишаване конкурентноспособността на Доли Медия Студио ЕООД на българския, европейския и световен пазар, чрез увеличаване производствения капацитет и засилване на експортния потенциал.

В резултат на изпълнението на проекта, Доли Медия Студио ЕООД ще бъде в състояние да отговори на непрестанно повишаващите се технологични изисквания на своите клиенти, ще стабилизира позициите си и ще увеличи значително конкурентните си предимства. С реализацията на настоящия проект ще се затвърди и подобри качество на предлаганите от дружеството продукти и услуги.